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Welcome to EA Baseball, where we are committed to cultivating extraordinary teams that go beyond the realm of baseball. EA Baseball proudly operates competitive teams that engage in games across Westchester, NY and the North East Region.

Moreover, EA serves as the driving force behind Five Star Metro NY/NJ's Westchester teams. Within our Five Star Program, teams showcase their regional and national competitiveness through participation in 10 tournaments throughout the Fall-Summer seasons.

Join us as we elevate the standards of excellence in baseball and empower athletes to reach new heights of achievement both on and off the field.

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15u GHVBL Champions Fall 23'
EA Pitching
EA 1st Basemen
Delaware Sports at The Beach 2023
Aug 3 --107
EA Baseball
13u GHVBL Champions Fall 23'
15u Sports at The Beach
Cooperstown 23'
15u 2023
15u GHVBL Champions 23'
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